Nanna Computers private limited Review

If you are reading this, chances are you were given an offer by a guy named Vasu aka Vasupilli Rambabu from Freelancer, oDesk, eLance, or other sites.

I'll provide you a review of the short answer - DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE WORK WITH THESE PEOPLE.

They are scammers of the first order. After posting an ad on the following freelance sites I got an email from and with a very economical offer.

They promised they would deliver the final product apps and a website within 3 months. It's been over a year since I paid for the development, I have seen no results. My money is gone, they claim they can't deliver without me paying more than what we agreed for and when I ask them to follow the contact they claim dubious legal reasons and pretend to be litigious.

After speaking to a lawyer, he told me small tech companies like these do this in India. Its a very common scam. The legal cost and time is no where near worth the effort with these companies and so they gladly get away with these scams.

For some reason people who review ncpl inc get banned from freelance forums. They blackmail users into removing the post (seriously, read this )  - I shall not be blackmailed. To prove me point on them being scammers, notice this trend :

a) All their testimonials are from 2012 or earlier ... what are they doing for the last 3 years ? Why are recent reviews like these being removed ? How can such bullying be tolerated ?

b) I have emailed their "clients" most of them haven't heard of NCPL inc let alone work with them. Their reviews are fake. Ask them for their portfolio and email their clients ... seriously - do this.

The only clients who worked with them have since fired them and chosen others. They take credit for work they were fired for !!!

c) Look at their twitter feed, they re-outsource design and other resourced to ... what a joke. They don't care about contacts, trademarks or privacy - they just sub-contract outsourced work voiding it all. (Scroll down on their twitter page). This was after Vasu claimed that they do all work in house.

d) They have no popular apps, their app store reviews are terrible and look like they were made in early 2008. Quite surprising for a company who has claimed to have made hundreds of apps and websites.

e) They claim to be expert marketers - look at their youtube views. Even stupid kids can get more than that.

f) Google "NCPL inc" ... they don't even rank number 1 for their own search term. SEO my ass, they are full of shit. They spam linkedin and they rank for that ... what a joke.

g) Their website is full of stock photos and dubious testimonials. You know who else use fake testimonials and stock photos ? - CYBER THIEVES AND SCAMMERS.

h) They don't have a USA office, they just have a virtual address and voip number. They live in a small village at Hyderabad ... You can hear the ruralness in Vasus English, he doesn't really understand things and is extremely unprofessional.

i) Vasu is supposed to be the CEO of the company. Which CEO is the sales AND customer support ? ... Would you even work with such a company.

Please share this with others. I don't want any one else to be scammed from them. DO NOT SIGN THEIR CONTRACT. It's full of legal loop holes that make it impossible to litigate. They void so many liabilities with it. BEWARE.

I'm just a guy who was scammed and has learnt to move on after much pain and wasted time ... Don't let this happen to others.